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Dress Code

The following points indicate our expectations of student attire at Prince Charles School. The dress code rules apply on the school grounds and at school sponsored activities either on-or-off campus.:
• Clothing should be appropriate to a learning/working environment, and should not be distracting to others (e.g. beachwear, spaghetti straps, and clothing which is too revealing, is not appropriate for school)
• Clothing should effectively cover the tops of the shoulders, chest area, back and abdomen (shoulder straps should be “3 fingers” wide, and shirts must overlap pants).
• The hem of skirts and dresses should be longer than your fingers, when your arms are hanging straight down at your sides with fingers extended.
• Shorts should be longer than your knuckles, when your arms are hanging straight down at your sides with your hand in a fist.
• Hats and sunglasses should not be worn inside the school.
• Undergarments must not be visible
• Jackets should be taken off during school hours and stored in clock room.
• Clothing items and accessories should not be distracting, offensive, or unsafe, nor promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, inappropriate language, racism, or be in poor taste
• Proper gym strip (shorts, T-shirt, and clean non-marking gym shoes) are required for PE. Please note that “skate” shoes are not permitted for P.E.
• Students who do not meet dress code expectations will be required to replace or cover up inappropriate articles of clothing, and/or may be sent home.