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Welcome to Prince Charles!

Registration is an exciting time for students and parents!  Depending upon individual circumstances, it can take place at various times throughout the year.  In this section, find out how, when, and where to register. Learn more (below) about district registration procedures, and access registration forms.

  • Registration for all grades is ongoing throughout the year as new families move into our catchment.  Placement in the current school year is dependent upon space availability. Registration Forms (policy # AP336)  can be found here or picked up at Prince Charles.
  • ·Kindergarten Registration starts in mid-January of the year your child turns 5. Students will start school the following September. Additional information will be posted by the School District in early January.
  • ·Grade 1 – 12 Registration starts February 1st (or the first business day in February). Students will start school the following September.
  • If you are new to Canada, please make an appointment at the District Office before registering at a school. 
  • Students can also request to attend a non-catchment school, but will have to re-apply annually.

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