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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Phone Email
Ms. B. Wallace Principal 604-852-9323 brittney.wallace [at]


Name Position Div Email
Mrs. Pam Franklin ELL teacher- Thursdays pam.franklin [at]
Mrs. A. Haist Grade 1 Teacher 11 alison.haist [at]
Mrs. L. Henry Grade 1 Teacher 10 lorna.henry [at]
Ms. L. Unger Grade 1/2 Teacher 9 laura.unger [at]
Mrs. L. Wall Grade 1/2 Teacher 9 leanne.wall [at]
Mrs. F. Macdonald Grade 2 Teacher 8 faye.macdonald [at]
Mrs. S. Reitsema Grade 2 Teacher 7 sherry.reitsema [at]
Mrs. B. Calnek Grade 3 Teacher 5 brenda.calnek [at]
Mrs. L. Jury Grade 3 Teacher 6 lasha.jury [at]
Ms. B. Nowak Grade 3/4 Teacher 4 brenda.nowak [at]
Mrs. C. Dueck Grade 4 Teacher (Mon. Tues. am, Thurs.) 3 chantal.dueck [at]
Mr. R. Eberding Grade 4 Teacher (Wed. Thurs pm. Fri.) & P.E. (Mon. Tues. Thurs. am) 3 royce.eberding [at]
Mrs. H. Hemmerich Grade 4/5 Teacher 2 heather.hemmerich [at]
Ms. P. Christensen Grade 5 Teacher 1 pam.christensen [at]
Mrs. C. Boschmann Kindergarten Teacher 13 carolyn.boschmann [at]
Mrs. M. Crozier Kindergarten teacher 14 marnie.crozier [at]
Ms. R. Loewen Kindergarten Teacher 12 rachel.loewen [at]
Mrs. K. Bulat Learning Commons Teacher / Prep Coverage M-W kelly.bulat [at]
Mrs. K. Pretty Learning Support Services Teacher (LSS) karen.pretty [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Mr. K. Turek Custodian kris.turek [at]
Mrs. Jamie Block E.A. jamie.block [at]
Mrs. S. Breslin E.A. sandra.breslin [at]
Mrs. R. McRitchie E.A. robin.mcritchie [at]
Mrs. D. Perrie E.A. deleine.perrie [at]
Ms. E. Whitehead E.A. evelyn.whitehead [at]
Ms. S. Zimmermann E.A. sarahlynn.zimmermann [at]
Ms. Louise Borg EA louise.borg [at]
Mrs. A. Kandler EA amanda.kandler [at]
Ms. V. Fleury Indigenous Support Worker (Mon.Tues.Wed.) vanessa.fleury [at]
Ms. E. Johnston Library Technician - Thursdays emma.johnston [at]
Mrs. K. Warmenhoven Office Administrator katie.warmenhoven [at]
Mr. B. Vangardern Teacher of the Hearing Impaired brian.vangardern [at]