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Blog: Friday, September 4th, 2020

Prince Charles Elementary Restart Strategy 2020-2021

Message from the Superintendent

In July, we released the first draft of Toti:ltcha, our future learning plan, to serve as a framework for how we hoped to fulfill our mission to support each child under the most trying circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. On July 29th, the Ministry of Education released the province’s restart plan, providing the most up to date safety protocols and educational continuity guidelines. Since that time, district staff have been preparing to welcome students back to our schools for September by bringing together the Ministry guidelines with our best thinking about how we can fulfill our vision for a world-class, innovative, and individualized educational experience for every student. As you will see, this updated plan focuses first and foremost on student and staff safety. It outlines the rigorous approaches that will be undertaken by our staff for health assessments, personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting, physical distancing, masking, and the design of student-teacher cohorts. Our plan also outlines our most creative approaches to providing a quality education. It describes how we will support learning in core academic classes as well as elective and exploratory courses. In addition, we describe how we will ensure that students have equitable access to all our educational services. I am forever thankful to the very committed people in our district who have helped us navigate these challenging circumstances, and paint a picture of a brighter tomorrow. I have every confidence that the 2020-21 school year will be our most memorable, not because we will have lived through the pandemic, but because we will thrive in our mission to prepare and inspire our students for a lifetime of success, especially when they needed it most. With great resolve, Dr. Kevin Godden, Superintendent of Schools