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Meet our PAC Members!

Congratulations to our new PAC Executive.  We look forward to working together, planning for next year!

The Prince Charles Elementary PAC Executive & Coordinators for the 2021-2022 school year are as follow:

President:  Michelle Bastien

Vice President:  Sarah Ferraro

Treasurer:  Shannon Rose

Secretary:  Jen Pratap

Members at Large:  Karey Mann, Gavin McIntosh, Catherine Parekh, Jessica Phillps 

Book Fair Coordinator:  Sophia Prachnau

Fundraising Coordinator: Michelle Bastien

Grade 5 Coordinator: Sarah Ferraro

Hot Lunch Coordinator:  Shannon Rose

Highlighter / Parking Lot Coordinator:  Sarah Ferraro, Shannon Rose 

District PAC Rep.: Michelle Bastien, Shannon Rose 

Family Fun Night Committee:  Michelle Bastien, Amy Condie, Sophia Prachnau, Shannon Rose   

Fruits, Veggie, & Milk Program Coordinator:  Michelle Bastien, Sophia Prachnau,  Jen Pratap, Shannon Vanderline  

Fundraising Committee:  Sarah Ferraro, Jessica Phillips, Shannon Rose

Grade 5 Committee: Michelle Bastien, Jessica Phillips, Shannon Rose

Thank you very much to our past executive and members at large for servicing our school community!