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We couldn't do it without...

Meet our PAC Members!


Congratulations to our new PAC Executive.  We look forward to working together, planning for next year!

President- Michelle Bastien

Vice President- Sarah Ferrero

Treasure- Shannon Rose

Secretary- Michelle Waddell 

Other Key Members

DPAC Rep- Shannon Rose & Michelle Waddell

Member at Large- Sophia Prachnau, Gavin McIntosh, Saranna Greveling & Yvonne Brodka


Fundraising Coordinator- Michelle Bastien

Book Fair Coordinator- Sophia Prachnau

Hot Lunch Coordinator- Shannon Rose

Fruit and Veggie Program Coordinator- Michelle Bastien, Sophia Prachnau
Highlighter Coordinator- Shannon Rose
Family Fun Night Coordinator - Michelle Bastien

Thank you very much to our past executive and members at large for servicing our school community! 

President. - Michelle Bastien
Vice President - Joanna MacKenzie
Secretary - Michelle Waddell
Treasurer - Shannon Rose

Reporting (Report Card)

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