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Parent Advisory Council

All Parents are Encouraged to Get Involved!

Parents play an important role in their child's education. We encourage you to get involved in the many volunteering, programming and PAC opportunities.  The PAC (Parent Advisory Council) at Prince Charles Elementary is primarily here to support administration and staff in their efforts to educate our children. Every parent is automatically part of the PAC and your voice and involvement are encouraged. Refer to Administrative Procedure 106-Parent Advisory Councils to learn more. 

The school principal works closely with members of the PAC to gather insight into the values that make our programs successful and to facilitate extra opportunities for students through active parent involvement and fundraising. Please see our events calendar for our regular PAC meeting dates (please note there are no PAC meetings in December, March & June).  If you have any questions about the PAC, the meetings or the minutes please email the PAC at princecharlesabbypac [at]

Check out the Prince Charles Elementary Abbotsford  PAC's Facebook Page to catch the latest news and conversation. 

Congratulations to our new PAC Executive for 2020-2021.  We look forward to working together, planning for next year!

President- Michelle Bastien

Vice President- Sarah Ferrero

Treasure- Shannon Rose

Secretary- Michelle Waddell

Other Key Members

DPAC Rep- Shannon Rose & Michelle Waddell

Member at Large- Sophia Prachnau, Gavin McIntosh, Saranna Greveling & Yvonne Brodka


Fundraising Coordinator- Michelle Bastien

Book Fair Coordinator- Sophia Prachnau

Hot Lunch Coordinator- Shannon Rose

Fruit and Veggie Program Coordinator- Michelle Bastien, Sophia Prachnau
Highlighter Coordinator- Shannon Rose
Family Fun Night Coordinator - Michelle Bastien

Thank you very much to our past executive and members at large for servicing our school community! 

President. - Michelle Bastien
Vice President - Joanna MacKenzie
Secretary - Michelle Waddell
Treasurer - Shannon Rose