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Bus Fees

Most riders pay a busing fee...

All riders are charged a bussing fee except students who have been screened into district Programs or through the district's Learning Support Services. Costs for riders are as follows:

  • In catchment and living inside walk limits: $400 per student annually and $600 per family (two or more), effective for the 2017/18 school year.  Note these are both 'flat rates’; there are no part day rates.
  • In catchment and living outside walk limits: free
  • Attending district Programs and live outside walk limits (to site of their district Program school): $600 per student annually and $800 per year per family.

Students are reminded to be at the bus stops five minutes ahead of the listed time.  Note that bus stop times are subject to change during the school year.   Check out the district site to register or for more information please read the District Administrative Policy 307-Transportation of Students To and From School   General Questions or Comments? Send an email to or call the Transportation Department at 604.855.5278.