Kindergarten Start Up 2022-23

Welcome to Prince Charles!

Hello Families!

We are looking forward to seeing all the Kindergarteners in September! 

Please refer the ‘Kindergarten Interview and Small Groups 2022’ attachment to see your child’s specific interview date & time, and the group & times they will come each day.  As well, see the Calendar included in the Letter to Parents (also emailed to you in July).  As of now, we are planning for two Kindergarten classes and a Kindergarten/Grade 1 class.  Also, see how to order kindergarten school supplies by clicking on .   


Interview Info: (Sept. 6-8)

- Your child’s individual Kindergarten interview time will be on either Sept. 6th, 7th, or 8th.  Please take note that your child comes for only one interview time on ONE of the days. 

- A parent should please come with their child to the interview.  As well, since time is limited, it is important that younger siblings do not come if possible.  

- Interview will be led by both Kindergarten teachers, so students will get to meet all the Kindergarten Teachers at their interview.   


Please bring to Interview:

the completed Confidential Information Form (also emailed to you in July)
a coloured picture your child has drawn
a photograph of your child (please put your child’s name on the back).
inside shoes - running shoes that are Velcro with no lights, and *labelled with their name!*


Small Group Info: (Sept. 9- 15) 

- Your child will be in either group A, B, C, or D.  Please check what your child’s specific group is on the ‘Kindergarten Interview and Small Groups’ attachment.  Remember the group time they come changes day to day! 

- Please note that parents don’t attend these group sessions and that students will spend time in each classroom. 

- Drop off is at room 36 and pick up is at room 35.  The doors are right next to each other at the back of the school. 

Please Send Snacks In Backpacks: (Starting Sept. 12)  

- Send fruit or veg. snack in child’s backpack
- Backpack: big enough so child can easily put their lunch, folder, library book and other items in.  Small backpacks can make students frustrated when they cannot easily put their items in by themselves. 

- Have your child practice opening their backpack, lunch kit and containers.

Have a great Summer!

The PC Kindergarten Team