Bus Information

Eligibility for Transportation

The majority of Prince Charles students walk to school as our catchment is within the 3.2-kilometer walking radius of the school.  However, the Board of Education will, where practical, transport students based on the following criteria:

Students must apply for bussing and will be assessed a fee.  More bussing information can be found on the Abbotsford District website
Walk limits listed will be used to assign bus seating should availability be in question with furthest walk distance given priority:

  • Elementary and middle students living more than 3.2 kilometers from the catchment or nearest school (via the shortest possible road or maintained walkway). 
  • Secondary students living more than 4.0 kilometers from the catchment or nearest school (via the shortest possible road or maintained walkway). 
  • Students receiving transportation services to their catchment school may be charged a fee.* 
  • Students who choose to attend a school outside their catchment area are not eligible for transportation services. 
  • Students attending district programs may apply for transportation services and may be charged a fee. The availability of such services shall be subject to cost considerations and overall financial feasibility.  
  • If the District assigns a student to a school outside their catchment area, the District will provide transportation to another District school, up to a maximum of one school year. After the first year, the student will be provided transportation to their catchment school only, if applicable.